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After completing the Quick Assessment, we'll schedule a Zoom call to get to know each other. When you're ready, we'll match you with three other people/families also interested in the same location and price point AND with different preferred travel dates so you all can enjoy your favorite week or month in your favorite home every single year!

My 5 Homes IS

Changing the way you vacation.

Owning one vacation home just doesn’t make sense for those who love to travel. It’s a maintenance hassle and only gives you access to one location. For a fraction of the cost of one vacation home, you can own and enjoy one home with preferred access to all other homes in our collection. My 5 Homes, It’s the evolution of second home ownership.

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Second Home Second Home Destination Club My 5 Homes
Price in line with use NO YES YES
Diverse Locations NO YES YES
Fully Managed and Maintained NO YES YES
Concierge/planning services NO YES NO
Favorite week (or month) every year YES NO YES
Rental income offset costs YES NO YES
Feels like your home / store personal items YES NO YES

My 5 Homes Offers The Best of Both!

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Access all homes for an incredible 12 weeks of user per year.


Put any nights you don't plan to use each year into a Rental Pool


Rental proceeds reduce or eliminate your annual shared costs


Keep 100% of the appreciation of your share when sold.

Want to see if my 5 homes is right for you?

speak with a vacation specialist

First we get to know a little more about you with our vacation assessment. Then our team of home buying experts will guide you through the entire process. From reviewing our homes, to discussing details of the operating agreement, to financing, you’ll have a trusted guide with you each step of the way.

sign the risk-free
reservation agreement

Signing an agreement and submitting a fully refundable $5,000 deposit is the next step in the process. Your My 5 Specialist will present you with new home releases that fit your profile, and you decide when you're ready to buy-in. For less than the cost of one luxury vacation home, you'll own 5 homes you'll love.

make memories with people
you love

Once you say yes to your primary destination, you'll fund your ownership interest and be ready to book your first stay. We take care of design, furnishings, property management, and rental management of any nights you don't use. So all you have to do is show up and enjoy up to 12 weeks of vacation in your new dream homes every year. 

Spend more time with

people you love

in the places you love most.

At this point in your life, going back to the same singular vacation spot year after year can get a bit boring. And the crazy cost of owning multiple luxury vacation homes doesn't make sense either. Join My 5 Homes to enjoy the best parts of luxury home ownership without high cost or headaches.

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we're taking the pain out of the vacation home game



Don't spend time and money identifying, negotiating, and purchasing your vacation home and covering legal bases.



No managing the home, handling repairs and maintenance, and no coordinating rentals when you're not visiting.


Easy Booking

It's easy to book your stays when you want and where you want. We have 24/7/365 scheduling with your mobile app.


Effortless arrival

We pick you up at the airport in your luxury leased vehicle for the duration of your stay.


Always feel at home

Store personal items in your primary residence to use whenever you visit.

Experience a

Different Way

to enjoy properties you LOVE to own.

Compare the Difference Pacaso Homes My 5 Homes
How many homes do I own? 1 1
How much time do I get to spend/yr in my home(s)? 44 nights 84 nights
Can I put nights into a rental pool to offset my costs? NO
Housekeeping arranged and concierge provided. NO
What is the owner to property ratio for availability? 8:1 4:1

As Pioneers in the industry, we've helped hundreds of families over the past 15 years

own and enjoy

thousands of vacations

My 5 Homes is the better way to make the most of the time you have, with the people you love most.

owning and enjoying vacations is EASY

saving HUGE on nightly rates vs renting (with potential to vacation for FREE)

diversifying your portfolio of vacation homes with no hassles, no headaches

connecting more with family and friends

creating unforgettable memories with people you love in places you enjoy

relaxing and recharging to bring more balance to your daily life

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Get your most important questions

answered here

My 5 homes will be set up as a wholly owned LLC where you will have an ownership interest (one share equals a 1/21st interest) and the ability to travel up to 12 weeks in any of the 5 homes per year.   

My 5 Homes pricing will range from $395K to $1.2M per share.  Home values are expected to range from $1M to $6M, depending on the homeset.

Each share will allow owners to travel up to 12 weeks.

Anyone may stay with you as your guests in any of the homes so long as you or your spouse or life partner are present for the entire stay. Children of the owner will also be able to use the properties on their own if they are at least 25 years or older. You may also choose to share your weeks with other family members or friends by purchasing a Corporate/Family Interest for a premium.

Homeset costs are expected to range between $400K and $1.2M. From a document and closing standpoint, we've made owning vacation homes significantly easier. You'll only need to sign the Operating Agreement for the LLC. We take care of all of the paperwork and closings on all of the homes for you on behalf of the LLC.

You will be able to pay for your entire share upfront or we have identified financing options for you at incredible annual rates as low as 1%. Your My 5 Homes Specialist will be able to help you navigate this process.

My 5 Homes uses a proprietary booking system in which you will be able to easily make reservations from your mobile device at any time.

The annual shared costs will vary by homeset. As with all vacation homes, there are annual operational and maintenance costs associated with keeping the homes in great condition. These costs may include property taxes, HOA dues or Strata fees, insurance, utilities, repairs and replacement costs, taxes, and costs associated with managing the properties and the rentals for the properties. We estimate that the costs will run between $19K and $39K per share. This means that if you used all 12 weeks in your 5 homes, the average nightly cost would only be between $226 and $464 per night, which would represent an average savings of 50%-80% off typical rental rates for these luxury residences. Your annual shared costs could be much less and potentially zero depending on how many nights you place in the Rental Pool and what the proceeds are.

Each year, you may place any nights you don't plan on using into the Rental Pool. The proceeds from the Rental Pool will go towards offsetting some or all of your annual shared costs.

You may place any nights you don't plan on using into the Rental Pool. My 5 Homes will oversee the rentals and all proceeds after management fees will be shared amongst all participants in the Rental Pool on a pro rata basis according to how many nights each participant contributes. For example if you put 50 nights into the Rental Pool and the total number of nights placed into the Rental Pool is 500, you will receive 10% of all rental proceeds to offset your annual shared costs.

Holiday nights will be determined both by your primary home as well as a lottery system for each home. Owners will have the opportunity to choose a primary home in their homeset and they will have priority for holiday dates in that home. Please ask your My 5 Homes Specialist for further details.

Yes. You will have the opportunity to exchange nights with owners of other homesets. My 5 Homes will help to facilitate the process. There may be additional fees depending on the property.

My 5 Homes will manage the LLC and the properties with a team of experienced experts who have been in the luxury vacation ownership and rental management business for many years.

The LLC for each homeset is expected to sell the homes in 10 years with profits or losses to be shared pro rata among owners. Currently there are several ways that the shares can be sold. You may sell your interest at any time and at whatever price you set to any qualified buyer per the terms of your LLC Operating Agreement. In addition, My 5 Homes will keep a list of people who are interested in buying shares of each homeset. We cannot guarantee that we would have buyers waiting to purchase.

We have been in this business for over 20 years, so we have seen and built relationships with many owners. For the most part, homeowners are respectful of their partners in the LLC. In the unlikely event that a homeowner does not pay their shared costs, My 5 Homes will take on the financial responsibility and liability of that person, who may be forced to sell their interest according to the terms of the LLC Operating Agreement.

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